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Inquiring Little Minds (ILM) was founded in September 2011. The Saltair Childcare Society (SCS) and ILM work together in a private-public partnership (a long-term arrangement between a government institution and a private sector institution). We also work in partnerships with the City of Port Alberni, Cowichan Valley School District, Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools, and Saltair Community Society.

ILM facilities are dedicated to the provision of safe, well-managed child care services for children that is provided by full and part-time, qualified staff. ILM's goal is to stimulate emotional growth, independent growth, intellectual growth, physical growth, and social growth amongst its charges.

Services provided by ILM to the public include:

  • Full and part-time child care ages 0 to 12 years.

  • Resource programs for children with special needs.

  • Before and after school care for school-age children.


We also provide subsidized services for parents in need (as determined by the Ministry of Children and Families' assessment).

The ILM Education Center's philosophy is based on the Early Learning Framework (ELF) and uses the principles of the inquiry method of education. After traveling to learn about the Reggio Emilia Approach in Italy, ILM incorporated the principles of play, creativity, and socialization. We are licensed through the Ministry of Health. Our license numbers are: KRIS-B89V9Y (3rd Ave), CLEY-C6VVKM (6th Ave), CFRN-C6VQGH (Fairview), CFRN-BUKMT8 (Pipers), and TMGN-8K8UB7 (Saltair).

ILM's founder, Alisha Neumann, has earned a 
Master of Education in Distance Education (Athabasca University, 2020), and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education (University of British Columbia, 2017). Previously, Alisha completed an Early Childhood Education Diploma (Northern Lights College, 2015). Alisha also graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education (2007) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Political Science (2003) at the University of Northern British Columbia. ​Alisha's academic/research interests include: measuring and accessing quality; increasing affordability and spaces; creativity; and advocacy for better working conditions and standards for Early Childhood Educators.

Dependant on completed education, ILM staff are qualified with certificates from the Early Childhood Education Registry of British Columbia as either: (a) Responsible Adult; (b) Early Childhood Education Assistant; (c) Early Childhood Educator; or (d) Infant Toddler Educator. All ILM staff have Criminal Record Checks through the Ministry of Justice and valid first aid training. We take advantage of professional development workshops from all over the world to gain different perspectives in Early Childhood Education.

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In The News:

Rain Gear

It is important that children come dressed to go outside each day. This includes rain coats and boots. Parents may also want to invest in a muddie buddie for the center.

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Stuck for ideas of what to send for lunch? Head over to this website for inspiration. They have a Facebook page too!


Think your child is getting sick? Here is a link to common childhood illnesses and how to prevent them.

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