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Our Waitlist has closed for new submissions as of March 28th, 2024. 

We will continue to maintain our waitlists as they stand currently until all families have been offered care or have otherwise removed themselves from the waitlists. Once all waitlists have been exhausted our spaces will be offered on a first come, first served basis through the avenue of our Parent Contact Lists. 

Parent Contact Lists

Following the closure of our waitlist, we have begun keeping Parent Contact Lists for spaces becoming available at each location. Once all students on our pre-existing waitlist have been offered a space, our waitlist for that location will be dissolved and we will reach out to our Parent Contact List for each center whenever spaces at that location become available. 

Our Contact Lists differ from our previous Waitlist system due to the fact that it is not an ordered list and no priority will be given based on how long you have been on the list. Everyone on the contact list will be contacted at the same time via email. 

We recommend joining the contact list for operational facilities between 1-3 months in advance of needing care. Once you join our contact list, you will be receiving update and emails concerning enrollment immediately, regardless of your preferred start date. 

Enrolment will be first come, first served, meaning the first family to provide us with their completed enrolment paperwork will receive the spot.

Available Spaces

Available spaces at ILM facilities will be announced via email to our Parent Contact Lists and then posted on our Facebook page if unclaimed. Please direct interest in these spaces to our email We will not be processing enrollment offers over the phone.

If you have questions about current space availability and/or would like to be added to our contact lists, please send an email to our admin team at or complete the following contact submission:

Contact List Inquiries


Children can be registered for full-time, regularly scheduled part-time, and/or drop-in care. Our Little Tots and Windbreakers locations accept part-time enrolment only. 

All registration forms must be fully completed before your child will be accepted into the program.

Registration Form

Children must have a valid birth certificate to be eligible for enrolment. Parents will be responsible for providing the program with their personal employment or school schedule in writing, as well as a start date for their child. 


The documents that must be on file to complete enrolment are:

  • Child Care Registration Form, pages 1-7, completed and signed

  • An up-to-date photo of your child

  • Immunization Record (if not detailed on the Child Care Registration Form)


Children in Infant/Toddler and 3-5 programs are also required to participate in a gradual entry period prior to attending full days, usually totaling 2 weeks time. Gradual entry may be extended if a child is struggling to adjust to longer days in the classroom. 


Once we've received all documents needed to complete enrollment, we will send you the invoice for a one-time $50 registration fee in addition to a deposit calculated as 50% of the Total Monthly Fees. Enrolment deposits may be refunded up to the end of business hours on the first day of attendance; deposits are non-refundable following the first day of attendance, but the deposit amount is applied as a credit on your account and will be paid toward your monthly fees.

Please contact our Admin team via email at if you have any questions about the registration process.

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