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Welcome to our Parent's Corner

Role of Parents


As a parent/guardian, your role is to be involved in your child's day. Regular communication is important. Parents/guardians are encouraged to speak to our childcare staff on a daily basis. Feel free to call the facility or inquire at any time through our Brightwheel App about your child. 

ILM Parent Policies

Child Abandonment Policy
Transportation Policy

Registration Process

Children can be registered for the program full-time, regularly scheduled part-time, or for drop-in care. All registration forms must be fully completed before your child will be accepted into the program. Children must have a valid birth certificate to be eligible for enrolment. Children are also required to participate in a gradual entry period prior to enrolment. Parents will be responsible for providing the program with their personal employment or school schedule in writing, as well as a start date for their child. Parents who are looking for work MUST arrange for the pick up of their children by no later than 3 pm.


Payments are made on the last day of each month. If payment is not made, children will not be picked up for the day or parents will not be able to drop off until payment is made. Payment arrangements can be made for 2 months of the calendar year.  Any arrangements made after the 15th of the month will require no attendance of the child until the payment is made. Any accounts over 60 days will be sent to a collections agency for collection.

Methods of Payment

Methods of payment include credit card, e-Transfer, or monthly posted cheques; credit card or e-transfer are preferred.  

Tuition Fees

Fees are updated every year on September 1st. 


As required by the Government of British Columbia’s regulations (April 1, 2018), closure dates are factored into billing calculations to create consistent monthly fees. As such, fees are the same each month regardless of closures.


More information on fees and payment can be found in our Payment Policy and our Parent Handbook under Payment Procedures.

Affordable Child Care Benefit

British Columbia subsidy is taken as payment, so long as the parents have received approval prior to fees being due. All documents MUST be submitted to the government in order for approval to occur. Forms for each center can be found below:

Other Subsidies and Benefits

There are some other subsidy programs available in British Columbia, such as the Métis Child Care Benefit Program. If you are eligible and would like to apply for any additional subsidies our admin team can assist with completing your application. 


Forms for Changes to Enrolment

Forms for families who would like to make changes to their enrolment with ILM, including changes to your weekly schedule, center transfers, and terminations, are available below:

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