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Our Programs


We have several programs to choose from to meet the needs of children and families:

- Infant (0-18 months)

- Toddler (18 months to 3 years)

- Preschool (30 months to School Age)

- Daycare (30 months to School Age)

- Before and After School


The infant program is for children that are 0 to 18 months. It is run on the timetable of the individual infants in care. This allows them to follow the routine they follow at home so they are comfortable during their time away from family.


The toddler program is for children 18 months to 3 years of age. The program starts getting the children into a routine and provides confidence for the start of independence. We do this with daily activities and toilet training.

+ Art

+ Circle Time

+ Literacy and Mathematics
+ Nature Explorations
+ Social Interactions


Our 4-hour/half-day preschool offers flexibility for parents to choose how many days a week is right for their child The program is for children 30 months to School Age and offered from September to June. While we do run Summer Day Camps, please note that seating is limited. Children's needs are met in a safe environment where they can learn new skills. Staff provide a program that fosters developmentally appropriate skills and develops positive trusting relationships.

+ Arts and Crafts

+ Circle

+ Emotional Learning

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Nature Walks
+ Outdoor Activities
+ Social Interaction


Our full-day care offers children the benefits of our Preschool program in a longer day format. Our program builds on children's natural desire to learn new things and become self-reliant. Programs focus on integrating curriculum into age-appropriate and fun activities. The program will encourage natural relationship building, peer socialization, sharing, taking turns, and working in a group. They will stretch their skills in spirit, mind, and body.

+ Arts and Crafts

+ Circle

+ Emotional Learning

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Nature Walks

+ Outdoor Activities

+ Social Interactions

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Before and After School


Programs are planned by staff in consultation with children to offer a balance of structured and non-structured activities which aim to provide a stimulating, enjoyable environment with safe play opportunities including:

+ Art

+ Cooking
+ Dramatic Play

+ Homework Help
+ Music

+ Reading

+ Sports and Games
+ Storytelling

Before and After School Care is offered on-site at:

+ Ladysmith Primary (Ladysmith)

+ Fairview Elementary (Nanaimo)

Pick-up and drop-off to school is offered at our Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo location for:

+ Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary

+ Frank J Ney Elementary

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